Monday, November 28, 2011

of Angel and Twilight


friends told me before, not once but countless time, that i'm not into overrated stuff. overrated movies, overrated fashion, overrated songs. or whatever overrated. see, now i'm overrating the 'overrated'.

i have tried to like things that i don't like for the sake of trying. maybe i tried too hard and it all ended up as a major failure. here's one them, i'm still in my best attempt to grasp the excitement when it comes to vampires.  the twilight, vampire diaries, to name a few.  i have watched the movies and the series and i think i have the right to judge, as an audience. i went to see the movie with my fiance, (my boyfriend at that time) and i ended up in my slumber party. but i did stay to see the credits at the end though.all seems fake to me. the protagonist wears a make-up so thick to evoke the vampires look, and that's where my annoyance towards vampires was born. everything and everyone in the story bites and it's like a food chain. it's the same plot just with a different sound track, i suppose.

honestly, i used to be gugu-gaga over vampires. once upon a time. a series called Angel featuring David Boreanaz as a vampire. but it was not or even close like the Twilight. the characters were varied, and David Boreanaz didn't even wear extra BB cream, foundation, and high-protein flour for the vampire  effects, the plots were filled with suspense, not so much of biting activity and the most important thing is, nobody really care about that series. i like the feeling of watching something that others don't even bother to take a glimpse of. it's the feeling of privacy.

i truly honestly understand why i'm not into it. people have different personal taste and everyone should stay that way. for example, i'm a die-hard fan of Lord of the Rings, i just don't get it why others find it ridiculous. i think it's the same feeling for the Twilight fan.

i have nothing against a fan of Twilight. they have rights to like what they like. it's not the fan i'm criticizing but it's the concept of the movie. vampires, now, are really not my cuppa coffee and i see no future in vampires in my upcoming movie list. but maybe someday i will (who knows), but not just yet. better luck next time, dude. i'm in no team, may it be Edward or Jacob.

ps/ just a little note to Edward, Jacob and Bella.
      "Edward, please use less make-up. less is more, you know."
      "Jacob, please wear your shirts. you are no Salman Khan."
      "Bella, work it out with your facial expressions. do it in front of the mirror"
just a random thoughts. lol.

love always,
ruhil nadiah.

Friday, November 11, 2011

mellow weekend

my weekend gonna be kinda mellow.
my fiance and his friend went to Medan
for short 'honeymoon'. without me. yucks.
hahaha. hope all is well there. i pray to
Allah to grant him safety. amin.
and i really hope he spend his leisure time to the fullest.
have fun, love. ruhil loves you.

there he goes with the fake smile. lol. (taken somewhere in Medan)

ps/ missing you already. 

the case of hijab: hump and lump

i started wearing my hijab when i was 14. i had an amazing dream which i rather not shared cause it's gonna eat up your precious time. i was blessed back then, able to gather my strength and fight temptation of changing my whole image as a Muslim woman. however, in the first few years i started to wear hijab, i was still, what people would called, 'jahil'. hijab with short sleeve or shirts that are too short showing the butt off, tight leggings showing the thigh, see-through shirts (yeah, seriously). i had no awareness of whatsoever of why Muslim women wear hijab. oh God, forgive me. but as i learn more about Islam, mixed around with good Muslim women role models, i've started to see the purpose. yes, i'm still not perfect now. every now and then, i still made mistakes but i'm glad i have that awareness. thank you, Allah.

now, i wear hijab with more appropriate attire. i kept reminding myself when i look into the mirror before i leave home. am i wearing it properly? is it too tight? i bombarded myself with various questions, to awaken the 'jahil-ness'. lol. and it works. 

one thing i realize nowadays is that, Muslim women in Malaysia wearing hijab in a very disturbing manner. especially the one with lump and hump that is too big on the top of the head or the one who make you look like a nun. yes, i've made that mistakes when i thought i can be more fashionable, but i realize that i have gone too far from the main purpose. so, i got back on the track. i decided to stay conservative at the moment and may Allah grant me strength. 

"Dua golongan ahli neraka yang belum pernah aku lihat ialah, satu golongan memegang cemeti seperti ekor lembu yang digunakan bagi memukul manusia, dan satu golongan lagi wanita yang memakai pakaian tetapi telanjang dan meliuk-liuk badan juga kepalanya seperti bonggol unta yang tunduk. Mereka tidak masuk syurga dan tidak dapat mencium baunya walaupun bau syurga itu dapat dicium daripada jarak yang jauh." (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

Wallahu'alam bissawab~ 

like i said before, i'm not perfect. i still make mistakes. and i really hope you (yeah, you) help me become a better person. don't let me drown in a pool of sins. amin. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

shades of pink and baby's breath

it was last week, my engagement day.
i'm fully blessed it all happened according to plan, thank you, Allah.
although, at the end of the day, both of us were drenched in the heavy rain,
i considered it as a blessed shower. bless us, Allah. bless us in so many ways. amin.

ps/ i love you, munir asyraf.