Thursday, June 30, 2011

the case of one-room

it was not love at first sight.
out of desperation, i was a stray cat in need of shelter.
and i found this one room.
imagine this:
i could reach the fridge while lying down on mattress.
the kitchen only good for one butt.
my bathroom is on the stage and
the glass is visible, i need stickers to avoid nudity.
the door open backward, my guests hate it.
small space. two is a crowd.
stuffy at times. igloo at one time.

but then again,
the wallpaper has wiped my tears.
the floor witnessed my laughter.
i drew my dreams and fantasies on the ceiling.
tiny kitchen turned me into chef.
the door reminds me of surprises.
the bathroom became my beauty spa.
the space was laden with memories.
every corner worth more than it seems.
every little thing was a lesson of gratefulness.

how could i not be grateful?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

in love with the same person

everyday i wake up
i fall in love with the same person.

and with the same person
i found my happiness.

and with the happiness
i sustain my energy.

and with the energy
i build my love.

and with my love
i keep it for the next day.

a next day where
i fall in love with the same person. 

something at random

here i am, writing something.
a thought or two for us to think.
an affection so deep it'll sink.
and i'm no where near the brink.

do you care to enlighten me?
for something you should not worry.
point out the door, i have the key,
might as well you set me free.

this time around  leave some space,
for us to breathe just in case,
love is not all about detail...

ps/ it was something i found in my treasure box.

Monday, June 27, 2011

is this normal?

this is exclusively me and i'm in no near an attempt to write on behalf on others.
while others juggling with different roles in their stages in life, being a wife, a mother,
a working woman, a friend, a lover, i'm still at this stage of life of role-less.
i'm still stuck.

i'm not a wife.
i don't have steady job yet.
not a good friend.
lover? probably.

is this normal? it's not that i'm complaining but i'm just wondering.
will i ever make it to the next stage? if i ever make it there, will i able to face it?
it's all started with the simple happy news of pregnancy. it made me think,
oh God, i'm getting old. i guess, a happy news for another woman might be another
woman's worry. is it normal to let my emotions feel what it feels?

i'm all about questions and i'm turning to God for answers.
God will answer me someday. so i thank God, in advance.
so i guess, this part at least made me feel normal.

common grounds

in search of a stable relationship,
do we really need to find the common grounds between the two?
should everything be in common?
hobbies. favorite food. favorite movies. favorite songs.
do common grounds guarantee the soundness of the relationship?
or should we take the road less traveled and settle for something eccentric?
this is not a preaching and i'm not using rhetorical questions.
this is a REAL question.

heavy steps

so many things evolved from the past three years.
i saw my own evolution in the reflection of others, just like the wonder of mirror.
this place has given me so much. i've tasted numerous emotions and walked through
all sorts of experiences. i had my fun but i have to breathe reality, soon. very soon.
two months fly like two seconds. i'm thinking hard on what i would do
to make every second worth a diamond. should i take things slow?
should i rush and catch up with things i would miss most? the clock is ticking, as we speak, and as i write.
and tomorrow comes, another short of days.