Thursday, April 12, 2012

missing cat

i hope life treat you well. i miss you, Manja. and daddy misses you too. a lot.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

head over HEELS

 peep toe pump by schutz

a woman can never quench her thirst when it comes to shoes. count me in, too. my craving is usually seasonal. i used to go gugu-gaga over handbags, then it was dresses, then leather jacket, and now heels. and the cycle will repeat itself. i really hope my future husband can cope with the expensive cravings. lol.

here are some shoes which captured my attention today. if only i got the dough. *sigh*

Zang Toi Peep Toe Lace Pump with Metal Chain Florettes

GlamRockChic Vamp

ZU cinderella heels

ps/ my oh my~

Monday, March 26, 2012

not my forte

inilah mesin jahitnyer. klasik ok. kayuh sendiri. hilang lemak di betis. 

"ko ni, dah tuo2 pun tak roti nak menjahit"

ouch, mak. right on my face. haha. bukanlah tak reti sangat. basic basic tahu la kot, setakat kain terkoyak skit2 tu boleh la handle. tapi bile mak asyik dok sebut belajar menjahit, siap suruh jahit pakai mesin, mulelah gelabah. lol.

"takpelah mak, nanti adik belajar la." jawab saya.
"takyah belajar-belajar, toruih jahit langsir dapur tu." kate mak.

ya Allah, jahit langsir terus?????? agak gila arahan bonda tu. tapi mak ni kalo mengajar memang akan gune method yang agak diktator. beberapa hari lepas, mak panggil, terus ukur dan potong kain langsir. dengan selamba dan yakin, mak cakap,
"nah, duk kat mesin ni. mak ajar. ko jangan nak rosak mesin ni plak. jahit boto2, jangan undur2 mcm budak form 1 mak ajar dulu."
tu diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

terus teranglah, sewing is not my forte. it was never. but i guess, if that what makes her happy, then i have to sacrifice. mulelah sesi menjahit dengan mesin. benang tercabut la. salah pasang benang la, tersangkut la, macam2 la masalah. tapi mak sabar je mengajar. i guess, it paid off. i finished my 'jahitan'. langsir uols. tapi huduh la jahitan tu. tapi mak kate, takpelah untuk permulaan. kalo agak2 korang tgk langsir tu, mesti korang ckp, "budak darjah bape jahit ni?" but at least, i did it. and i did it my way.

ps/ nak tempah langsir tak? lol.

Friday, March 23, 2012

no caption needed

they will not stop praying for you. Insyaallah.

acid rain

it's raining. and the skies are slightly dark with shades of grey. there are no clouds either. i have this thing with a weather. it really affects my emotions. or is it just me who got carried away and refuse to be normal? every time it rains, my mood travels its way to sadness, especially when i'm all alone. all the gloomy thoughts, loneliness, death, series of failing relationship weave its way all over my mind. that doesn't sound so good eh? 

but i guess, those thoughts come and go just like a sneeze to me. one moment i'm at it, and after that, poof!. i don't want it to have those negative effects on me, especially when women are very delicate and sensitive creature. so i decided to treat all weather the same. i'm learning to love the smell of rain. treat its gloominess with the thought of i guess next time around, rain or shine, bring it on. 


it all started with letters, formed into words and constructed into sentences. we go through the process, every day. we use it either to make or break communication. to start relationship and even to end it. words are harmless per se, i would say. you can read the dictionary from A to Z, nouns, verb, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition and it will not make any sense. but just like a puzzle, if you string words according to your purpose, every thing will come to sense. so, what's your words?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

kids nowadays

1. they posted latest pictures on Facebook and the caption reads:
"please comment tau!"
"i am sexy ^%$&^$&^, i don't give a damn!"
"boys love me, girls hate me!"
"^&%^%$ you."

2. they said 'school sucks' and 'teachers are bossy'. they make fun of the big ticket in life, EDUCATION.

3. they swear too much, as an additional reference to number 1. they think swearing is cool and modesty is a fool.

4. gadgets are the symbols of social status. you got no smartphone? pack your shame and go.

5. social network is the REAL LIFE. emotional teen dramas with the same issues. boyfriends and girlfriends.

6. th3y Us3D w31rd La4gUag3s. got my point?

the truth is, i did not have the perfect school life. i'm a nomad. i moved around. i had hard time adjusting to new situations. but back then, we don't really have this social sickness and i wish i know why. so who or what can we blame? i'm not generalizing things and i'm sure there so many kids doing just fine. this is just my random observation on certain group of people. what i see and what i feel.

ps/ life was much simpler back then.