Thursday, February 16, 2012

kids nowadays

1. they posted latest pictures on Facebook and the caption reads:
"please comment tau!"
"i am sexy ^%$&^$&^, i don't give a damn!"
"boys love me, girls hate me!"
"^&%^%$ you."

2. they said 'school sucks' and 'teachers are bossy'. they make fun of the big ticket in life, EDUCATION.

3. they swear too much, as an additional reference to number 1. they think swearing is cool and modesty is a fool.

4. gadgets are the symbols of social status. you got no smartphone? pack your shame and go.

5. social network is the REAL LIFE. emotional teen dramas with the same issues. boyfriends and girlfriends.

6. th3y Us3D w31rd La4gUag3s. got my point?

the truth is, i did not have the perfect school life. i'm a nomad. i moved around. i had hard time adjusting to new situations. but back then, we don't really have this social sickness and i wish i know why. so who or what can we blame? i'm not generalizing things and i'm sure there so many kids doing just fine. this is just my random observation on certain group of people. what i see and what i feel.

ps/ life was much simpler back then.

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