Monday, January 30, 2012

busy january

Hey, it's already end of January eh? woah~ time flew with the speed of a light. i've been neglecting this blog, which i have already expected before i even start to write a blog. i guess i was too busy to sit and word-painting. it was a truly busy January for me. busy (how many times i have to repeat this word?) with planning, shopping, get certain things done and lil bit of unnecessary stuff. coming to the end of January, i have four months before my BIG DAY. people keep on telling me, "wah, dah tak lame tu." and i responded,"lame lagi kottttttt." with the nervous tone. lol. just to ease my mind.

and no, i'm not working, currently. spending my days at home doing stuff i love. maybe this holiday is too long for me but i believe good things come to those who wait. i see no harm in waiting patiently. of course, it will be more fun to have some money in pocket and step into working world but maybe it is not the time for me yet. Allah has planned things for me and i just have to keep my faith in that.

but there are few reason why i think this long holiday is truly a pleasure. firstly, i got the time and pleasure with my family. making them happy when i put food on the table, laundry done, clean the house and so much more. those are the little things that count as 'pahala' if we do it for our parents. i'm happy to be collecting 'pahala' every single day. Alhamdulillah. because i know once i'm married, i will not be able to be as helpful to them as what i'm doing now. and this make me sad. i'd rather not work now than regret later for not being able to take care of them. even for a while. as i massage my mom's feet, she drop me a bombshell,"sedapnyer adik urut. nanti dah kawen tak dapat nak mcm ni dah" i didn't know how to respond with a word, just tears.

secondly, i have plenty of time planning and shopping for the BIG DAY. as my fiance who are always so busy with his work, he loaded all the planning to me. double the planning. lol. i took time reading stuff about marriage and wedding, making a budget and planning life ahead.

and lastly, i got the time to spend with my cats. Nabes/Kenap, Manja/PonPon, Sarip Dol, Sakai, Ong Gedek Gedek and Ashut. they are my bestfriends, seriously. life is more meaningful with their existence. Thank you Allah.

so even though i'm not working, my day is always full of new things and yeah, new menu. haha. God has given me more than i should deserve, so i won't be selfish to ask for more.
God bless.

ps/ Thank you again, Allah.

love always,
ruhil nadiah