Friday, March 23, 2012

acid rain

it's raining. and the skies are slightly dark with shades of grey. there are no clouds either. i have this thing with a weather. it really affects my emotions. or is it just me who got carried away and refuse to be normal? every time it rains, my mood travels its way to sadness, especially when i'm all alone. all the gloomy thoughts, loneliness, death, series of failing relationship weave its way all over my mind. that doesn't sound so good eh? 

but i guess, those thoughts come and go just like a sneeze to me. one moment i'm at it, and after that, poof!. i don't want it to have those negative effects on me, especially when women are very delicate and sensitive creature. so i decided to treat all weather the same. i'm learning to love the smell of rain. treat its gloominess with the thought of i guess next time around, rain or shine, bring it on. 

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